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Damascus mortar fired at russian embassy in damascus

syrias state news agency reports that mortar round landed in embassy compound, but no immediate report of... ...More
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Aleppo christians in aleppo, syria claim rebel forces kee

recent reports from syria have described the horrific persecution of christians by some al-qaeda-linked rebel forces, but one group of christians in aleppo is shedding new light on the middle eastern countrys civil war, telling reporters that in fact it is part of the rebel coalition that has kept them... ...More
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Homs nine killed in bomb blasts in syria's homs: report

beirut: roadside bombs targeting a convoy of minibuses in syrias homs province killed nine people on thursday, the syrian observatory for human rights... ...More
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Idlib rebels kill 10 soldiers in syria's idlib province:

damascus, aug. 15 (xinhua) -- more than 10 syrian soldiers were reportedly killed and injured when rebel fighters targeted them in the northwestern province of idlib, the britain-based syrian observatory for human rights reported... ...More
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